Our Policies



It is the policy of Accordance Energy Resources Limited (AERL) to provide a safe, security and healthy environment in which our employees, visitors and customers can carry out their business.

We firmly believe in and are committed to ensuring that our operations are carried out in a way that ensures the health and safety of everyone.

We will not produce or render any service likely to cause an accident or exposure that may result in personal injury, damage to equipment or loss in process.

Each member of our organization is responsible for health and safety and will be held accountable for their actions.

Any and all other policies and procedures must support and comply with this policy statement.

Management will:

  • Ensure the business complies with all legislation relating to health and safety
  • Eliminate or minimise all workplace hazards and risks as far as is reasonably practicable
  • Provide information, instruction and training to enable all workers to work safely
  • Supervise workers to ensure work activities are performed safely
  • Consult with and involve workers on matters relating to health, safety and wellbeing
  • Provide appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Provide a suitable injury management and return to work program

Workers will:

  • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety
  • Follow safe work procedures, instructions and rules
  • Participate in safety training
  • Report health and safety hazards
  • Report all injuries and incidents
  • Use safety equipment and personal protective equipment as instructed

Our goal is to provide a safe, security and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness. This will only be achieved through the participation, co-operation and commitment of everyone in the workplace.



In compliance with ISO 9001, Contractual requirement and our corporate Policy statement on quality, management wishes to adopt the Quality requirements as outlined in this Plan and other related QA/QC Plans and procedures during the execution of all phases of the Project.


Due to the nature of our services to our clients, utmost importance is already attached to the conformance of our services with the established acceptable international standards and client’s quality requirements.


In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, ACCORDANCE ENERGY RESOURCES LTD has since decided to implement the quality requirements as outlined in this Plan and other related specific project QA/QC Plan and procedures.


Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control department is independent from the other departments of the company in the identification of and prevention of non- compliance to requirement and is headed by the QA/QC Coordinator. Furthermore, the QA/QC Coordinator reports directly to the Technical Director of the company, who assists the Managing Director in directing and Controlling ACCORDANCE ENERGY RESOURCES LTD.


It is AERL believe that the achievement of the Quality requirements as outlined in this Plan is the responsibility of all personnel involved in the project execution not solely that of QA/QC personnel. Hence it is mandatory for all personnel to adhere strictly to the quality requirements as outlined in this Plan.


The QA/QC Coordinator has the full authority and support of the project management to implement the requirements of this Plan and other specific project quality procedures.




quality control policy

The Managing Director of ACCORDANCE ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED (AERL) (herein after called ACCORDANCE) recognise that quality is one of the most important means of maintaining our competitive strength in providing goods, products or services that meet the stringent requirement and expectation of today’s oil and gas sector of economy. The management also recognized the right of the Customer to demand for best in quality and reliable services at minimum cost.

Therefore to meet and strive to exceed these requirements, the management of ACCORDANCE ENERGY RESOURCES LTD has evolved the policy of setting up standards for the achievement, sustenance and effective monitoring of the company’s operations through implementation of an integrated management system which is customer focused, process driven and performance improvement designed to cater for the six key elements where Procedure Documentation is a requirements based on ISO 9001

To achieve the above goals, the following shall be put in place.

• Engaging highly skilled and experienced personnel in all fields of activities pertaining to the project.

• Ensuring that the personnel so engaged are sent for training periodically to update and enhance their performances.

• Put in place a well-defined organization, responsibilities, authorities and interfaces of various units / department of the company.

• Set-up a well-defined and functional quality management system, which is based on ISO 9001.

• Put in place an innovative programme of quality improvement that will meet the requirement of national and international standard.

• Perform quality audit to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the company’s quality system on regular basis.

• Sensitise personnel to provide confidence to Customer that the intended quality is being or will be achieved in the delivered product or service.

In furtherance to the policy guidelines outlined above, the Managing Director of AERL hereby direct that all the personnel engaged to perform specific activity should do so in full compliance with the requirements as set down in this Quality Manual.

The Manager, Quality Assurance Division has the responsibility, necessary authority and organisational freedom to monitor and ensure effective implementation of the quality system and initiate corrective action as necessary on day-to-day basis.

The intent of this policy and the implementation of the requirement outlined in this Quality Manual focus on acceptable standards of performance of ACCORDANCE ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED and have the personal commitment and support of the Managing Director, who has signed below and the entire company personnel.


ACCORDANCE ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED (AERL) is a 100% indigenous Nigerian company that provides Instrumentation, Calibration and Integrity Testing services for Oil and Gas companies. In compliance with the Federal government directive on local content targets, it is the policy of Accordance Energy Resources Limited to promote a framework that guarantees active participation of Nigerians in all its services without compromising standards in order to stimulate growth of indigenous capacity, promote value creation in Nigeria by utilizing local raw materials and human resources. 


We have qualified Nigerian personnel with the aim of providing world class Instrumentation services to Nigerian oil and gas exploration, Production, Refining and Petrochemicals and drilling companies both in upstream and downstream sector. 


The management are all Nigerians with Mr. Ema King as the Managing Director, whose key responsibilities is ensuring that the company abide by the NCD policy of government and able to provide appropriate training programs for key staff to fill perceived gaps in our operational scope.


The main thrusts of this policy therefore are: 

Promote a framework that guarantees active participation of Nigerians in all our activities without compromising standards in order to stimulate growth of indigenous capacity. 

Promote value adding in Nigeria by Utilization of local raw materials and human resources for provision of services to the Petroleum industry. 


Provide training programs to improve managerial skills and competency at all levels

Promote steady measureable and sustainable growth of Nigerian Content.








Accordance Energy Resources Limited shall generally conduct her operation in a way that would recognize the need for a cordial working relationship with host communities.

AERL shall develop a Community Affairs Programme for all localities of a new project likely to have impact on the host communities.

The Community Affairs Programme shall note areas of likely friction during the execution of the project and proffer solutions to them.

We shall maintain sound public relations with a host community and shall employ available local labour for project requiring such employment. AERL shall also assist in community development projects where such assistance is justified by obvious need and encouraged by project magnitude.

Accordance Energy Resources Limited and her staff shall maintain a low profile and shall not exhibit unnecessary or arrogant display of affluence at the community level to avoid aggravation of the existing feeling of neglect in these communities and to avoid unreasonable demands being generated wherefrom.

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